• Gravel and crushed hard rock

    Clean, well-graded gravel or crushed hard rock are both excellent, but somewhat expensive materials for hardcore.

  • Metamorphic rocks

    Metamorphic rocks such as slates and schists are those changed from
    igneous, sedimentary or from soils into metamorphic by pressure or heat or both. These rocks vary from dense slates in which the layers of the material are barely visible to schists in which the layers of various minerals are clearly visible and may readily split into thin plates. Because of the mode of the formation of these rocks the layers or planes rarely lie horizontal in the ground and so generally provide an unsatisfactory or poor foundation.

  • Igneous rocks

    Igneous rocks, such as granite, dolerite and basalt, are those formed
    by the fusion of minerals under great heat and pressure. Beds of strong igneous rock occur just below or at the surface of ground in Scotland and Cornwall as Aberdeen and Cornish granite. The nature and suitability of such rocks as a foundation may be distinguished by the need to use a pneumatic drill to break up the surface of sound, incompressible rock to form a roughly level bed for foundations.
    Because of the density and strength of these rocks it would be sufficient to raise walls directly off the rock surface. For convenience it is usual to cast a bed of concrete on the roughly levelled rock surface as a level surface on which to build. The concrete bed need be no wider than the wall thickness it supports.

  • Rocks

    Rocks may be divided into three broad groups as Igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks and Metamorphic rocks.